The Battle Scenario and Logic (or lack of) Behind the List

The scenario uses the following victory conditions:

4 Objectives placed down the center of the map. They become active on turn 2 and deactivate on turn 5. The games ends on turn 5.

Once objectives are activated they become one VP per turn captured differing from the standard BRB objectives where points are only captured on the last turn of the game. Secondary objectives were Line Breaker and Slay the Warlord. 

My opponent is my usual playing partner with his normal army of Space Wolves. I am expecting drop pods, lots of plasma and melta on Terminators and Grey Hunters as well as perhaps some dreadnoughts and some predator variants. In addition we have agreed upon an updated Sapce Wolf codex with some more sensible model costs the 6th edition meta.

Why no Riptide!? I have used one Riptide in every game since he was built, it's performed exceedingly well at absorbing fire and generally killing things with a bit of markerlight support. I thought I'd give it a break and see if a Tau force without one would be resilient enough without it. I also wanted space for a few more troop choices as I knew from the outset the battle was going to be objective based. Finally I wanted a bit of space to try out a couple of Forgeworld units which are quite points hungry.

The List

XV8 Commander
2x Plasma Rifles
Drone Controller
Target Lock
Talisman of Arthas Moloch
2x Markerlight Drones

XV8 Team - 2 Battlesuits
2x Fusion Guns

XV8 Team - 3 Battlesuits
2x Plasma Rifles
Target Lock
6x Markerlight Drones

XV8 Team - 3 Battlesuits
2x Plasma Rifles
Target Lock
4x Markerlight Drones
Shas'vre with 1 plasma rifle, Target Lock & Drone Controller.

Fire Warrior Squad - 8 Members
1 Shas'ui.

Dedicated Transport - Devilfish
Disruption Pods
Smart Missile System.

XV9 Team - 2 Battlesuits [Forgeworld]
Two Twin-Linked Burst Cannons
Counterfire Defense System

Piranha TX-42 [Forgeworld]
Twin-linked Fusion Blaster
Disruption Pods

Hammerhead Gunship
Railgun with Submunitions
Disruption Pods
Smart Missile System

Hammerhead Gunship [#2]
Ion Cannon
Disruption Pods
Smart Missile System 

Enough anti-tank from 2 pure Fusion suits, a Fusion Piranha and Longstrike in a Railhead tank. There is also plenty of anti power armour weaponry from the Ionhead, and 2 full squads of double Plasma XV8's. There is also a solid set of troop choices from 3 XV8 teams and a Fire Warrior squad hidden in a Devilfish. It's all a question of how survivable the army is.

Stay tuned for another post with the results!
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