Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood Guards

Conversions is a fairly generous word regarding these models this time. I have basically taken the Warhammer Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood wych elf models and put them on round bases. That's it!

Now I actually purchased these parts off ebay a few weeks ago before all the rumours came out about the new Succubus rules and the archite glaive, completely by accident it seems I have aquired two of the new standard go to choices for dark eldar HQ. Can't complain! When I first saw these two with Dark Elf released I was immediately sold on the fantastic posing and elegant sculpts, I am very happy to now own them.

My codex should be arriving sometime this morning so I thought I'd just post these images up whilst I wait. The wych elf form is a fair bit more delicate than their 40k space elf brethren. Once they have some paint on them I am confident they will fit in just fine but they would be difficult to do straight up leg swaps with eldar parts. I also looked into adding extra parts like spikes or gun holsters but in the end I felt the detracted to the look rather than added anything. The only thing I may add before spraying are some drug cannisters. Other than that I really like the stripped down simple feel. These ladies are interested in only one thing, the thrill of close quarter duels preferably against the galaxies most skilled foes. Any additional equipment (and clothes!) would just be a distraction.

Here are a few shots of my Archon kitbash as well for size comparison.


How Will You Run Your Succubus?

Something I am trying to work out right now is what unit to run my Succubus with? The most appropriate unit I have at the moment is Wyches but they seem quite terrible in the new codex. Incubi would probably be the sensible choice so I may have to pick up some of those models.

What are you going to run your Succubus with?

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