Colour Scheme Step by Step

As I mentioned in an earlier post I wanted to deviate from the standard Minotaur theme for a more traditional bright and traditional  'we don't need camouflage' style Space Marine colour scheme. I wanted I good table top quality but I don't quite have the patience, talent or time to spend doing dozens of steps of highlighting and blending.
I settled with a fairly simple set of steps, which I'd like to share with you, that balances a good compromise between a reasonable quality result and getting the job done in a sensible amount of time. I am also exceedingly pleased with how the Puppetswar parts have turned out. The shoulders really stand out strongly and really provide the squad with a unique identity you don't see with standard parts. Here is how it goes:

Mephiston Red spray undercoat.
Balthasar Gold, Ironbreaker, Lothern Blue and Standard Grey for basic colour layer.
Agrax Earthshade wash on entire model.
Several Minotaurs after the wash stage.
Red highlighted with Pink Horror. Gold with Auric Armour Gold and Runefang Steel.
Based and more or less finished.
I ended up switching to black shoulder pads and adding additional Runefang steel highlights to the gold sections.I still have highlighting work to do on the guns and a few other details but as I mentioned before, I am looking to get these to a decent table top standard and look to add details over time. Here are the results on the rest of the tactical squad:

An astute reader will have noticed their are only 9 marines on display here. I originally started creating a veteran sergeant with a power sword who is missing here. Since creating him I have paid a bit more attention to what would make a sensible Space Marine army list. Tactical squads with power weapon sergeants are clearly a waste of points so I will look to push him into a command squad in the future perhaps.

I am also currently deciding whether transfers would improve the squad. Some white numbers on the black shoulders could work quite nicely. I'll hold off for now though.

Take a look at the earlier parts of this series:

Let me know what you think of the results. I have a few more boxes of new marines so I'll be posting more progress up soon!

If you approve of how this series is going please like and share! Much appreciated.
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