Hi there!

I'm James. I live in Henley on Thames over in the UK. I have been painting since 2013 although, like a lot of people I started collecting when I was a kid.

I love all aspects of this hobby. Building, painting, writing, collecting, list building, gaming - it's the complete package for me. A place I can let my imagination roam for hours without getting bored.

In my day job I'm a graphic designer working for a business plan software company called Brixx. Check out the website over at www.brixx.com (I designed it!). Definitely worth a look if you have a business or are looking at starting one. It's an app that helps you calculate your financial numbers. I'm very proud of my work there, hence the shameless plug here on my personal blog!

I'm a seriously passionate painted. I get excited very easily about new paint ideas, new combinations and techniques. I'm a big fan of weathering, another reason the grim 40k universe fits in very well with me. Everything is decaying!

I am also available for commission work. Please get in contact if you like my style. Be warned though, if you ask me to paint some clean edge highlighted pretty army I may tell you to look elsewhere! Weathering is my game.

I hope you enjoy my blog. I update it regularly so please subscribe. Check me out on twitter to as I'm very active there.

Happy hobbying!

Contact: jamesbeer145(AT)gmail.com
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