Crimson Minotaur Vanguard Veteran Space Marine Squad

This is probably my favourite Warhammer 40k box to be released last year, although the Tau Empire Broadside is a close runner up. The amount of detail and extra parts is fantastic. The poses of the legs are also excellent. I would love to have an entire army of Space Marines using a similar running pose, it just looks so dynamic and aggressive compared to the normal static pose.

Unfortunately I have managed to lose the photos I did of the build and paint process of both this unit and my kit bash Chapter Master (check back for that soon!) so it's just going to be the final result. I do still have some spares of the Puppetswar parts so I have taken new photos of them to display the resin unpainted. You can also check out the original Puppetswar to Space Marine parts comparison here.

The Parts

The Completed Squad

I couldn't help but go the full hammer and shield route. It is a horrendously expensive squad to field as is. I will just have to get hold of a second squad to have more sensible options to go with them (perhaps just 5 sets of lightning claws!).

I still need to do some lighting effects for the jump packs but that is a lower priority. Otherwise I am pretty happy. Let me know what you think. Share this stuff around if you approve of them, thanks!

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