Here is a quick showcase of my latest Tau army. I bought it way back when the latest Tau codex was released but I was not blogging at the time so the painting and building steps were unfortunately not documented here! I am sure I have more photos taken somewhere so perhaps I will dig them out to show some earlier steps.

This army is up for auction, click to take a look here.

A New Space Marine Army Project

So as usual I am selling this force in order to fund my next project. The Space Marine Minotaur chapter is returning to this blog! I have already started purchasing paints and extra parts. I have a good sized box of power armoured chaps on the way too.

I have purchased some appropriately spartan looking bits from Anvil Industry for customising special characters with:

I am also planning on making them battle worn and weathered as per normal. I have been experimenting a lot with Vallejo metallic paints and I am looking forward to painting some bronze!

I really like this range of paints and I'd like to do a full review at a later point too. 

Expect some fantastic Space Marine Minotaur action to hit this blog in the next few weeks!

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