Thoughts on the Missions Played so far

I am very much enjoying trying out new victory conditions that change the way you play and change the way you build your lists. The last two games have been close and were full of interesting choices and decision points that could have sent the game either way. I do have another battle report to write up from last weekends Space Wolf against Tau Empire clash but I am not sure I will get time this week.

Tau deployment...not a gunline - a force ready to advance!

In the mean time I am preparing the rules for this weeks scenario - continuous tweaks to the system we have established. Check out the rules for last weeks battle to see the context for these changes.

Last game was brutal. The objectives in the centre forced both armies close together quickly, a scary prospect for the brittle Tau task force. It's an interesting balance - do you move up quickly to grab Victory points early on turn 2, or do you take advantage of cover, thin down your enemy and risk taking the objectives on turn 3 or 4 when the opponents forces are hopefully weaker? How you deal with this can lead to fundamentally different outcomes. It also affects your list building strategy - do you build a super tough force willing to brave firepower out in the open to cap early? Great possibilities are created with this setup.

Terminators opt to drop in and take out key targets rather then go for objectives

Further Adjustments

Still there are some improvements to be made. I want to try out combining this system with a kill point game. Further adding to the decision making - hang back and keep units safe or push forward and claim objective points? It gives you a number of avenues to winning a game. To encourage taking objectives I have increased their Victory Point value to make the risk worth while. In addition, I have modified the wargear cost for to make it more of a decision when list building. Increased the price so it's more of a consideration. Also provided a discount for standard troop choices so that rules that allow certain units to count as troop choices are not redundant. Overall, I think these are solid improvements and I can't wait for the next game to test them out.

Let me know what you think! Also tell me if you have tried out any interesting custom missions, I am always looking for new ideas.

Game Duration: 5 Turns

Victory Conditions: Slay the Warlord (2VPs), Linebreaker (2VPs), Objectives, Kill Points.


5 objectives position equally down the centre of the map.
Each objective is worth 3 Victory point per turn held.
Objectives activate at the beginning of turn 2. They deactivate at the end of turn 4.

Objectives can only be captured if a unit has the wargear: DATA RETRIEVAL DEVICE

Wargear, Data Retrieval Device: 20pts. Allows unit to capture objectives. Can be taken by infantry, jump infantry, jet pack infantry. Note: for non-troop choices the wargear costs 30pts.

Kill Points - At the end of the game, each player receives 2 Victory Point for each enemy unit that has been completely destroyed. Units that are falling back at the end of the game and units that are not on the board at the end of the game, count as destroyed for the purposes of this mission. Remember that Independent Characters and Dedicated Transports are individual units and award Victory Points if they are destroyed.

Tau Warlord is caught in the open trying to cap and is cut down.

XV8 and XV9 Tau Battlesuits advance up the table to cap points.

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