Starting Materials and Requirements

This tile has been a test for a complete set of tiles I want to use for an entire ruined battlefield. The goal was for something modular, light weight, compact and low cost. Cork tiles seem to fulfil all of these criteria. It is weaker than a typical wood base but it is sturdy enough. The tiles I have bought are 1ft by 1ft so more dramatic terrain tiles with large built in structures will not be possible. There is still a wealth of options at this scale and I find it very convenient when I have in mind transporting between a different places.


  • Cork floor tile 
  • Sand - fine
  • Sand - medium
  • Polystyrene packaging
  • Random bits
  • Sprue
  • Citadel paints (see below)
  • Forgeworld weathering powder 
  • A large brush
  • PVA glue

Citadel Paints:

  • Chaos Black Spray
  • Mechanicus Standard Grey
  • Russ Grey
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Ironbreaker
  • Balthasar Gold
  • Typus Corrosion
  • Ryza Rust
  • Forgeworld weathering powder: Grey Ash

Construction Steps:

  • Coat tile with a layer of PVA glue (not too thick).
  • Place larger items - polystyrene, plastic pieces and random bits (use extra PVA where needed).
  • More PVA over the top of the larger pieces.
  • Sprinkle larger sand over the top.
  • Sprinkle finer sand over the top.

Painting Steps:

  • Spray Chaos Black
  • Heavily dry brush Mechanicus Grey
  • Dry brush Russ Grey then Fenrisian Grey
  • Pick out ruined metal details in Ironbreaker and/or Balthasar Gold
  • Wash details in Typhus Corrosion
  • Drybrush Ryza Rust on rusted metal areas.
  • Sprinkle Grey Ash powder over tile.
  • Work powder in with a brush.

Painting hardly took any time at all. The biggest time delay was just waiting for the wash to dry. Dry brushing initially is very quick since the paint sets almost immediately. Take a look at the final shots!

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