Fashionable Power Armour

The Forgeworld space marine armour variants still retain the icon shape and silhouette of a 40k era equivalent - in a mixed squad you would be hard pressed to pick them out from a distance. However there is something subtle about the design of the Forgeworld sculpts that puts them on a different level to the standard Games Workshop boxes. No matter which MK you look at, they have sharper lines, are better posed and possess more detailed. They are just far more stylish!

I chose the MKIV set for a few reasons. First, their helmet design give them a lot of attitude. When an army rarely shows a face with an expression, helmet design becomes pretty important for the character of the force. Next is the straight lines of the knees, gauntlets, elbows etc. Straight lines are just visually punchier then their rounded counterparts. Finally - bobbles! Dalek bobbles! Oh I'm sorry Forgeworld, I meant to say 'Superstructure Molecular Bonding Studs'. With this squad I kit-bashed a few pieces in from the 2013 Tactical Squad box as well as my normal Puppetswar Apis shoulder pads.

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