"The Bastion"

Captain Estigon, Commander of the Crimson Minotaurs 2nd Company is now ready for battle. As I alluded to in my earlier post, Estigon is a level headed, reserved tactician. A calm mind to counter the oft daring and reckless actions promoted by Chapter Master Alcaeus. His quiet demeanour off the battlefield can mislead people into thinking he has nothing to contribute. However when he does speak he elocutes with precision and insight. He is rarely wrong. It is unwise to go into battle without first seeking Estigon's opinion on strategy. Where 1st Chaplain Kanaitkos endows a strike force with the reason to fight, Estigon gives them the method. He is rightly known as 'The Bastion'.

If fellow marines were to criticise him, they would be quick to highlight his average martial prowess - his competence with a blade is far from exceptional. Many 1st Company veterans would claim to be the more skilled combatant and boldly state he should spend more time in the sparring cages and less time studying star maps.  Individuals are rarely brave enough to challenge him as he has made a fool of many superior fighters in the past. His skills do not lie in lightning speed or power or technique but in deception and intelligence. Many a time he has trained with recruits and displayed apparent flaws in his technique to onlookers. A Veteran then challenges him hoping to exploit an easy opening only to find an implacable wall, earlier apparent weaknesses now invisible. This confusion and the inability for his opponents to anticipate his behaviour allows him to best opponents that are technically far greater than him in skill. Never underestimate the Bastion.

More on this character to come!

Captain Estigon Showcase

I do like the 2013 Games Workshop space marine captain plastic release however at £18 and completely un-posable I was put in the rare position of a Forgeworld option being cheaper, not to mention more flexible.  So I chose the MKIV Space Marine Command set from Forgeworld for my latest Warhammer 40k character. You can find the parts I used and how I converted him in this earlier post. The greek style shield is from Puppetswar with the icon being from the Forgeworld Minotaur etched brass sheet.

For the step by step colours and technique I paint the Crimson Minotaurs with visit this post.

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