Impressive Twin-linked Burst Cannon Setup

I have three of the default layout XV9's using twin-linked burst cannons which just look great. The guns look superb locked together and really reflects the actual output of fire they can produce. The Forgeworld sculpting team has done a great job here. The first impression you get when you see them in real life is their size. They are massive! Each one is on a dreadnought scale base and are taller than your standard XV8 Crisis Suit. The details on these battlesuits are great and the posing options you get go far beyond the normal Games Workshop plastic sets. I do love the under slung look of the guns attached to the limbs.

My hazard suits use my normal battered painting technique to reflect the the amount of combat this unit has encountered. They definitely have been battered, due to their bulk they are hard to get into cover and generally end up being heavily targeted early on. They definitely need a full compliment of drones to soak up wounds or they just go down too quickly. Their increased toughness does nothing to mitigate damage.Weapons that normally kill Crisis suits, plasma, missiles, melta all cut through these just as fast. This combined with their increased model points cost makes it quite difficult to justify them in competitive games.

Still they are a lot of fun to use. I love to find an excuse to use them when I have some breathing room in larger point games. The potential to throw out 24 twin-linked strength 5 shots each turn is formidable. I love these guys as a supporting role in overwatch too. Give them counter-fire defence system and over 50% of their overwatch shots will get through when they or a nearby friendly unit is charged!

As usual my models are never quite finished. I could do with some extra work on the details like the lenses but they are in a satisfactory place for now. Let me know what you think!

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