Adjustments to Gameplay

Games Workshop has received a fair bit of criticism for the state of 6th edition. It's very shooty, with a lot of rule bloat and a commitment to flyers that not everyone is happy with. As someone who has rejoined at 6th edition it doesn't seem quite as bad as people make out. Still having been playing for several months now there are certain improvements that would make sense, at least in the kind of games that I tend to play.

I am not looking to re-write the book. I want to make some conservative changes at first and continue to add and tweak after seeing what works and what doesn't.

I'm hoping this should give assault themed armies more competitive chance in battles. This will be pretty useful for my Crimson Minotaurs Space Marines who will be centred around the uncompetitive Vanguard and assault squads! It'll give my Tau more to think about.

These brave marines will just get squished in current 6th edition rules

Assault permitted out from stationary vehicles

Close Combat troops in non assault vehicles really struggle. This should help alleviate that without taking away the strength of assault ramps or open topped vehicles.

Assault from deep strike

Restrictions? - disordered charge, no shooting.

5+ Steal the initiative

This is to further push back the advantage of first turn. This will force the player to deploy far more conservatively with the increased risk of losing first turn.

No first blood

It's an awkward, unnecessary rule. Encourages shooting at targets you would never normally prioritise and provides advantage to player with first turn. There are better victory point objectives to be used.

Ignores cover rule: -2 to cover save rather than complete removal

This is a pretty powerful rule that deserves knocked back a peg. Could even just be -1 to cover save.

Warlord traits - Roll counts for multiple tables 

Roll a dice. If you get a 3, for example, you can pick that value on any of the tables you can choose from (So your codex and the Rulebook).

Mission changes

Gone into greater depth in a few other posts but I really think the Rulebook missions can be greatly improved upon. Check out my latest mission rules.

Further Considerations

I'd like to work out some changes to AP weapons. Heavy armour (power armour and terminator armour) has had it's effectiveness really reduced with the wide spread prevalence of these weapons. Tanks are weaker as well and generally stuff just dies so easily no matter what you are equipped with. I am not sure what change should be made yet that would not heavily unbalance the game.

Troops ignore your armour.

Tanks ignore your armour.

Elites ignore your armour.

Perhaps some kinda of Warhammer Fantasy Battle system of reducing armour saves rather than outright ignoring them. It would need rethinking the system rather a lot though. I'm not sure if there is a simple change available here.

Flyers are a bit of a love or hate set of units. I actually think there is nothing inherently wrong with the rules or units but it's just a new system where the appropriate units and countermeasures have not filtered all the way through. Some armies just don't have enough to compete in this system yet. Once it's been around for a few more years I think it will be fine. It'll just be another element you have to think about like dealing with close combat units or dealing with high AV vehicles.

Let me know if you have changed anything thats made 6th edition more enjoyable or more balanced for you.

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