My latest creation is complete! I’m showcasing him with some swanky photos taken in my new mini photo studio which makes a huge difference to the crispness of the images. I can finally show off the paint job to the full.

This knight was painted in a similar manner to my previous. I used Vallejo chipping fluid to achieve the majority of the damage and scratch marks. This time I really focused on the realism, considering how the damage would have occured with angles of shots and impacts and I think it worked better than my first effort.

I am also particularly pleased with how the ruined urban base turned out. I spent a great deal of care placing each item and making sure it felt ‘part of the scene’ rather than just plonked without too much thought. Paying attention to the details really makes the difference.

Fund More Projects!

As with the last chap, this guy is for sale. (Now sold)

It is getting seriously addictive painting Knights. They are just the perfect weathering canvas for practicing techniques on. Lovely large surfaces and crisp edges to attack. I think I may have to try a dark green one next.

For now, please enjoy these photos. Countless hours have gone into this creation!

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