I have taken a break from painting Imperial Knights to look at another type of robot, an old favourite of mine the Riptide Battlesuit. It's very refreshing to build this kit after the Knights as they were very restrictive in how they were built. Yes you could move their arms around but true posing is all about leg movement. You can evoke so much by whether a model is walking, running, kneeling, jumping etc than you can by moving an elbow joint.

So I have enjoyed immensely posing the legs here. I have gone for a strong menacing approach, nothing to fast or dynamic looking but something solid that will emphasise the weight of the battlesuit.

I have also been translating some of the techniques I learnt on my knights to this model. Using chipping medium, airbrush gradients and rust streaks to beat up this guy and tell a story.

The ideas that were going through my head whilst painting this model was of a trio of Riptides stalking a Warhound titan through the ruins of an imperial city. Terribly outgunned they have to use their superior jet pack maneuverability and the cover of buildings to stay one step ahead. One wrong move could mean their last and many desperate fire fights ensue leaving the suits ragged and battered trying to slow down this relentless beast of war.

With his wing mates killed and his battle suit damaged and in need of refit the pilot slinks through the city trying to stop the titan getting a lock of him before he can get to the extraction point. His mission has failed and if he is lucky he can escape with his life.

Take a look at my progress and tell me what you think!

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