So I have been pretty busy since my last Imperial Knight with....another one! Yes I enjoyed the previous one so much I dived straight into another one. I was keen to try more weathering techniques with powders, chipping fluids, air brush effects etc. There are some photos of my progress below. Just crappy phone photos for now. I'll do a proper gallery set when he is done
I was also trying to make the scratches and worn away paint look as realistic as possibly with the chipping fluid effect. I really worked the underneath layer with lots of variation, using a lot of different metallics to create the effect I have really enjoyed the colours on this one. The combination of red, white and black is just so strong. It's such a bold look. I have focused quite a bit on the metals on the skeleton underneath too. Trying to get that worn, burnished look. It's tricky and there are so many ways it can be done.

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