Imperial Knight Gallery

He is finally done! Painting this model has been a labour of love. This is my largest air brush project yet and it was also host to a number of new techniques I wanted to try. 

I was keen to avoid it having the air brushed 'look' which I see many models turn out like when they have been 'too' air brushed with incredibly clean, stark gradients. I think they lack a bit of soul and character. I think I have been successful, using a myriad of different techniques to strike a balance between realism and the larger than life character of Warhammer 40k.

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So here is the final result:

Plate Weathering Techniques

Here is a quick tutorial on the techniques I used on the plating:

  • Air brushed panels in browns.
  • Vallejo Chipping medium over the top.
  • Air brushed panels blue/black/white.
  • Chipped with brush and water.
  • Sealed with varnish.
  • Added decals.
  • Washed the rivets and details with agrax earthshade 
  • Washed specific parts in nuln oil.
  • Used AK Interactive's rust streaks and white spirit for rust.
  • Washed areas in seraphim sepia
  • Did further chipping with metallics on edges.

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