In urgent need of a bit of maintenance...

After air brushing all of the base colours over the rust layer (see earlier blog post) I could begin applying water with a brush and other devices to chip away at the surface yielding a very pleasing effect.

After that it really starts to get messy. This Imperial Knight desperately needs some attention from a magos as I have gone to town with weathering his carapace and plating. 

I have used various techniques to achieve the desired effect. I went in with selective GW washes such as agrax earthshade, nuln oil and seraphim sepia, carefully choosing where to apply them to look realistic. I also used AK Interactive rust streaks and blended them in with white spirit (a technique I am LOVING). Further metal chipping was achieved using brushwork on protruding elements and edges.

Check out the results so far, I am pretty pleased so far!

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