Getting Started

If you have been following me on twitter you will have seen a steady update of a very battered Imperial Knight coming together. I am now going back through and collecting all of the images together so that can see the process I went through to paint this fella! Check out my Twitter photos if you want to see further progress.

Base painting coats

I did the 'rust' layer by air brushing two different browns on the surface of all the plates. I'm using the new citadel air range which, apart from having awful pots, are very good. It's great to be able to air brush colours and then be able to touch up with colours from the exact same range via brushes.

After the browns, I coated with Vallejo heavy chipping medium. After leaving to set for an hour I went back over the top with some light, baby blues.

I also wanted to break up the blues with blacks and whites which I achieved with masking areas and air brushing the additional colours in place.

Then the fun begins! Applying water to the surface and scratching away with brushes and cocktail sticks you start to get a very natural weathering effect going:

Stay tuned for more posts on progress!
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