Crimson Minotaurs Chapter Master Poised to Fall

Welcome back to this fake battle I assembled last weekend. If you missed part one do go and take a look!

Last time we left the scene with the Dark Eldar forces scattering at the blunt but powerful arrival of the Crimson Minotuars planet side. The Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing sent many of the delicate Eldar skimmers to a fiery end, securing the ground for Chapter Master Alcaeus himself to disembark.

The apparent retreat was just temporary as the Dark Eldar forces repositioned and struck back, knocking the great Stormraven out of the skies.

Now the counter attack is in full flow and the Chapter Master is in trouble!

With the Crimson Minotaur forces now committed the Archon Lady Kestrah arrives to get a taste of her enemies pain.

Lord Alceaus drops down to defend the fallen vehicle.

On the otherside of the battle first Chaplain Kanatikos flanks the wyches assaulting the dreadnought.

Kanatikos and the ancient warrior fight side by side desperately holding off the wyches as they hurl themselves recklessly into the fray. 

Captain Estigon repositions bringing the 2nd company command squad to aid the Chapter Master.

The company champion does his duty and singles out Kestrah in a challenge. The fight is short and brutal, though he lasts several seconds longer than most of the foes she meets.

The company apothecary moves toward the Stormraven to aid the crew.

Kestrah nimbly scales a ruined building..luring Lord Alcaeus away from his bodyguard.

The Chapter Master does not prove an easy kill. The dual is furious as the two opponents search for weakness's in each others defences.

The Dark Eldar numbers dwindle on the battlefield and have to retreat.

With her forces pulling out and the arrival of Alceaus's bodyguard Kestrah picks her moment to leap onto her raider and escape into the web way eluding the Crimson Minotaurs once more!
That's it for now!

I have nearly finished building my Voidraven Bomber so I'll be uploading many photos of that soon. Also planning a step by step paint series for it so check back soon!

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