The Voidraven Bomber - What's it All About?

I am not sure how this happened. Including my Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing I now I have 5 fliers. Never thought I'd buy into them so much!

So this is the big release for us Dark Eldar players, our big kit. I held off the immediate purchase for the codex to make sure it's not a wasted purchase. It is a phenomenally beautiful model but that's no good to me if it doesn't ever see the tabletop. I don't think the verdict is yet in on how competitive this model is going to be though. Peoples reactions are along the lines of: 'It's far too expensive' / 'You just don't need to field this' / 'It destroyed double it's points in models last night'.

So...mixed basically, and I am fine with that. I am glad people are making lists with one in and I am also glad people aren't making lists with three in by default because it's an auto-include. Sounds like a pretty good place for it to be, bring it if you like it but it's not mandatory. I say this because I personally still feel a little guilty about fielding fliers, it may have been a good chunk of time now since their introduction but many people still dislike fighting against them. It can be cruel catching an opponent unaware whose list is completely ineffective at countering threats from the skies.

No such worries with this fella however. It's rules expound precisely what Dark Eldar are about, incredible fire power balanced by a fragility. There is no better example then this than the Voidraven Bomber. Enough bolters will see this flier torn from the skies. I am fine with that though.

The Kit Itself

Have you heard? This thing is beautiful. Even sleeker than the new Eldar Hemlock/Crimson Hunter kits and with an expanded profile compared to the Razorwing, it's silhouette is striking indeed. I love the dual cockpit design, it makes it stand apart in a significant way from it's smaller Razorwing companion -without it I think it would have been in danger of look far too similar. I love the slight 'bulge' where the higher cockpit sits, the top of the flier rises up to this area before slightly dropping down again with an artistic curve. Yeah, I like this thing.

The parts look fairly simple to assemble which is also a big plus for me since, as much as I love the Ravager model, I can't quite face building one again so soon after the last two. They are just so stressful!

The Razorwing kit was a joy to build by comparison and the Voidraven does not look too much more tricky than that.

I'll be doing a step by step guide on building and painting this model. I'll be going for something very similar to my Razorwing. Here is a shot in case you missed it:

Are you getting this kit? What do you think of it's rules? Let me know in a comment below!

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