Dark Eldar Sale, Now On!

Here is my first post in many months and its to do with selling an army. I'm not quitting 40k, despite my blogging absence. I have most certainly been keeping it going. In fact this is all about funding my next project.

I'll be putting this army up on eBay but I thought it was worth putting up on the blog just in case a potential buyer is viewing! Please take a look. I'd love to get back as much of the retail value as possible but I am certainly up for negotiating.

Please drop me an email if interested: jamesbeer145@gmailDOTcom (replace the DOT with .)

I'll upload more photos over the next few days. Here are the first few.

The list is as follows:

1x Converted Archon
2x Converted Succubus (using Dark Elf models)
1x Autarch
1x Farseer
1x Warlock on jetbike.

10x Kabalites
10x Kabalites
10x Wyches
10x Wyches

2x Raider
4x Venom
2x Ravagers

6x Reaver jetbikes
9x Eldar jetbikes with scatter lasers

1x razorwing Jetfighter
1x Voidraven bomber

8x Converted Incubi
5x Eldar Wraithguard
5x Scourges (4 special weapons)

Get in touch if you are interested!

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