Crimson Minotaurs Clash in a Brutal Conflict with Kestrah's Kabal

It's been a while since my Crimson Minotaur space marines have featured on GDR but I had a fair bit of fun sunday afternoon setting up some scenes between them and my fledgling Dark Eldar force. This isn't an actual battle report, just a bit of dramatic posing.

After chasing the Dark Eldar force across the Damocles Gulf, fruitlessly grasping at shadows, Chapter Master Alcaeus has finally predicted one of Archon Kestrah's imperial targets. We join the battle as Dark Eldar skimmers strip apart the woefully over matched human defenders.

Venoms and Reavers cut through the imperial guard far quicker than they can react.

Captain Estigon and his second company arrive to releave the terrified defenders.

Disciplined bolter fire shred the weakly protected skimmers. 

Imperial guard defenders rally behind the ancient form of a Crimson Minotaur Contemptor Dreadnought. The advance starts once more. 

Kheres pattern assault cannons rip through kabalites everywhere in view.

The speaerhead descends, Lord Alceaus himself arrives in his personal Stormraven.

Dark Eldar vehicles scatter as the hammer blow hits the field.

The Chapter Master himself leaps into the fray, cleaving through the Dark Eldar, already reeling from the counter attack. 

With the stormwing stationary to drop their cargo the boom of a retro-thrusters shakes the field as the silhouette of a new hunter enters at an alarming speed.

The Stormtalon escorts turn to protect the Stormraven but the lumbering fliers are far too slow.

The ravens wings buckle under pinpoint dark lance fire - it spins to the surface of the planet in flames with deep holes in it's belly.

On the other side of the battlefield the ground is covered once more with Dark Eldar units. The fall of the Stormraven a single for the offensive to be taken once more. Eldar Wyches hurl themselves at the ancient one with no regard for their own saftey. The crimson elite forces feel the pressure all over the field.

That's it for now! I have another dump of photos to sort through which I'll hopefully get up tomorrow to conclude this little encounter. There wasn't any planning involved so I have pulled together a narrative to tie all the images together. I hope you enjoyed!

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