Dark Eldar Elite

Now that the 7th Edition Codex has hit I am looking to move my 1500 points army up to 1850 points. First up on my list will be a custom set of Incubi. Since wyches are not really worth the points as a close combat unit, Incubi are probably now the most obvious choice to cover the close quarter aspect of Warhammer 40k.

What's Wrong With the Current Models?

I am a little disappointed there were no new Incubi models. There were rumors for a plastic set but they never materialised. Whilst I think the armour and helmet look great on the current finecast set I find the blades and pose to be rather lacklustre. They look awkward and slow. I don't quite understand how they can wield those two handed blades effectively given the position of the handles. It may just be me, I have seen many people express their love for these miniatures.

What Parts I Will Use

I have seen a couple of examples of people making there own set using basic Dark Eldar plastic parts and given the plethora of spare parts and beautiful kits, it's not surprising. The best examples I have seen combine Kabalites with the Hellions blades. I am looking to do exactly that, I already have my hellion weapons ordered from a bits store so now I just have to decide upon the rest. Kabalite bodies will be a good simple core as they a beautiful set on there own. I have a number of spare back pieces that I can use to make them stand out.

Heads - The Main Problem

What I am trying to decide upon now are heads. I am happy to use the smooth head face masks (I used one for my Archon) since they are so strong in appearance and I have plenty. The issue is that one of the main ways the current kits stand out is with their demonic looking helmets. Everything else about them is fairly standard if slightly more ornate.

I am having a looking around some of the alternative parts manufacturers but have not found anything really appropriate yet. The 'Crow' helmets are quite interesting from max mini but I am not so set on them yet.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions!
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