Space Marine Special Weapons Teams

I love the idea of small elite units of space marines armed with special weapons and appointed very specific battlefield tasks that may very well decide the outcome of a battle. The closest you can get to that in a basic troop choice is a combat squad with one special weapon and a sergeant armed with a combi weapon which I have placed in a Razorback (though probably far more effective in a drop pod). The two main flavours of these will of course be plasma and melta though you could argue for flamers if you face a lot of hordes.

Constructed with Love and Bitz

This squad was actually born from the bottom of my bits box from various different kits bashed together. They have actually turned out to be my favourite set so far, working with a squad of 5 rather than 10 makes to take far more care over them and it shows in the results. The resin bull head shoulders are from Puppetswar as with the rest of my chapter. Painting them did not take too much time. As always it's the highlighting that takes the time but I don't go all out trying to get every edge and detail - just enough to achieve a solid tabletop standard. You can find the step by step painting tutorial in this blog post.

Final Showcase

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