Imperial Guard Have Arrived

Following last weeks 'Militarum Tempestus' we are now onto the imperial guard proper with the new codex, a new tank and some box deals this week for this iconic Warhammer 40k army.

Wyvern & Hydra New Tanks

I have always loved the Hydra since I first saw the epic versions, it's great top finally have a plastic kit available. From what we know of the Wyverns rules is that it's a fairly solid infantry killer, not that the guard need any help in that department but it's always nice to have options. The weapons on the sprue kit look fairly interchangeable so it can't harm to try it out if you plan on picking up the rather useful anti air specialist Hydra.

The Codex

Who knows what exciting secrets and new rules lie in this 6th edition update? I am looking forward to learning more over the next few weeks.

Imperial Guard Boxed Sets

The armoured fist is a Cadian squad and a chimera in a box for a cheaper price. Seems like a good option to me. The other boxed set is the Lemun Russ tank squadron which I don't think has a discount to.

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