I Challenge You to Find Better Plastic Scenery

The Games Workshop plastic fortification and terrain sets are just fantastic. They are chunky, modular and covered in delicious grim dark detail. I have looked at many companies making terrain and I not yet found better.  I am absolutely open to being proved wrong so if you have encountered someone out there making brilliant kits please do get in touch! As you will see I have a desire for large amounts of terrain in the near future....

Simple Kits, Mountains of Potential 

When I first looked through the scenery options on the Games Workshop website I glossed over the Basilica Administratum, Manufactorum, Sanctum Imperialis and Shrine of the Aquila. Initially they just looked like pretty generic ruined corners of a buildings. What I did not realise was the level of flexibility they provide when you build them.

Take a look at the potential of these kits in this screenshot:

The modular, building block nature of these sets allow you to construct buildings of various size and shapes and allows you to get creative with towers and platforms too.

Unboxing & Sprue Close Ups

There are three sprues in total. Two of them are duplicates. There are a lot of skulls. I don't know if I needed to point that out or not but there we are - I counted and it's just over one million skulls. I hope you like skulls. Fortunately, my Crimson Minotaur Space Marines LOVE skulls, and they will probably be fighting to defend this so it's very appropriate.

A Horrible Battlefield of Death - Cheerfully Modular However

You may have seen in an earlier workbench update that I purchased some cork tiles. Here is my plan for them:

- Battlefield tiles: Fairly flat tiles covered in sand/debris. 
- Ruined Building tiles: Cork tiles acts as a base for plastic buildings or craters.
- Base building: Cork is cut up and used to build up layers on other tiles.

I plan to use the same ruined urban basing technique I used in this tutorial. As long as my tests work out fine I would like to see this work for an entire battlefield. The benefits of this material is that it is light weight and cheap. It should be easy to transport and easy to interchange.

I'll be doing regular updates on my terrain progress as I am exceedingly excited about this new project.

Make sure to follow, share and check back for more very soon!

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