Painting Techniques

I have managed to finish this terrain base that I demonstrated how to build up earlier on. This tile will work well as a stand alone piece and as a base for my Basilica Administratum to stand on.

I used the same painting techniques as my earlier test tile and you can see the exact paints, materials and steps I executed in that post. However, to summarise, you begin with dry brushing, then pick out the details and finally finish with washes and weathering powder.

I am pretty happy with the overall result and I am looking forward to building up more ruins from whatever materials I can dig out from around the house. I feel like I could have added more detail and built certain areas up in more realistic manners. However I knew this was always going to be a learning process with improvements happening each time.

My Warhammer 40k battlefield feels like it's starting to take shape even with just two 1ft sq tiles done. Just 22 more to go for a standard playing size!

My Crimson Minotaur Space Marines look great with their bright colour scheme in striking contrast with the dark debris around them.

Hope you find these posts helpful! Please like and share if you want to see more terrain posts. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback, thanks!

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