Crimson Minotaur 2nd Company Command Squad

I have started working on a converted command set. The command standard command sprue the Games Workshop sells is actually a really nice kit that tends to get forgotten with newer, shinier sets taking the spotlight. The banner is nicely designed and there are quite a few extra details and options. The parts for the company champion are particular;y nice with some great double layered shoulder pads.

I am converting the squad with vanguard veteran legs and melee weapons to make them look really dynamic and aggressive. I see Kanatikos leading this group into battle on occasion and his pose is too dynamic to go with a static looking group of models.

The first character I have built is the Company Champion and already I am happy with the choice of legs making him look far more interesting than stock parts. I used the smallest icons from the Forgeworld minotaurs etched brass sheet to give the shoulders a bit of detail. they were surprisingly fiddly to position in place!

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