It's All About Variation

I am playing around with a few different models and projects right now. Just had a delivery of cork floor tiles which I want to test out to see if they make solid enough terrain bases and maybe even board bases. I can always break them up and use them for model bases as well.

Another exciting delivery that came through this week was some Anvil Industry conversion parts. I went for some skull helmets and a few plumes. The skull parts will be for my Jump Pack Chaplain. For his body I grabbed an amazing Forgeworld Sculpt from ebay. It's the body of the new Night Hawk heresy Jump units that were released not too long ago. I saw an image of them in the Warhammer: Visions magazine and was just completely sold on the exceedingly dynamic poses they adopt. This is going to be an incredibly fun build, he will hopefully be taking up the warlord spot for my Crimson Minotaurs for when Lord Alcaeus (my custom Chapter Master) is not required.

In addition to the Chaplain, I am working on a Space Marine Assault Squad with my usual Puppetswar parts. I know they are not particularly competitive choices in 6th edition but I am hoping with Raven Guard chapter tactics and either Alcaeus or the Chaplain at the head that they will not perform too badly. It's all about the look right now and I love Space Marine Jump Packs.

I have also picked up some Etched Brass Minotaur symbols from Forgeworld. They are extremely delicate and the detail is great. I want to get these onto some banners and probably some vehicles if I get there.

As for my Tau, I have had a squad of Sniper Drones under coated for quite some time now and I am determined to get some grey onto them so I can finely field them (perhaps this weekend). I think they are great models, drones have always had a bit of a soft spot in my books. I do like to field as many as reasonably possible. The BS5 markerlights from the drone controllers will be pretty handy as well.

Finally, here is a little preview of a box that has been sitting around for a little while. The first real firepower to be added to the Crimson Minotaurs. This chapter is renowned for it's brute force strikes from the skies and I can think of no better way to represent this on a 40k battlefield than with the intimidating adeptus astartes storm wing.

Expect more updates soon!

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