The Parts Involved

I wanted a Jump Pack Chapter Master to go with the Jump based army I have in mind (will most likely be going for a Raven Guard Chapter tactics) and so to keep him unique from the rest of the force I chose a forgeworld jump pack. I love the design, it looks like it's got power behind it and still fits in well with modern style marine aesthetics.

The head and lightning claws I was already set on after inspecting the Vanguard Veteran Space Marine sprues. There were several parts that just stood out with their exceptional detail and distinct style. It seemed like a no brainer. 

The head in particular I was taken with. The helmet seemed to have a very sharp 'expression' if that's that way to phrase it. A piercing set of eyes/lenses with a strong point at the front. 

The final piece was the body. As soon as I saw the palantine blades released from forgeworld I saw the potential for one of the poses. Due to the way they have been sculpted to be very dynamic, twisting and swinging with their elegant blades they have a huge amount of potential for converting. I picked one that I thought looked like he could be 'landing' after using a jump pack with one knee bent to absorb the impact.

Here it is:

It's almost a bonus that the model also contains wonderful detail, perfect to represent artificer armour for my chapter master.

Now, unfortunately I lost the photos of the build and painting process so I will just have to leap in with the final shots. I love how this model has turned out so enjoy!

I have a back story for this chap and setting for his chapter which I'll elaborate on as soon as I get some time! So expect more photos in the future and more Crimson Minotaurs as I expand my force.
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