A soldier with some stories to tell...

My Tau army has very much been a large experiment as I learnt how to paint. Many techniques have been tried from extremely clean lines all the way up to roughing up with sponge brushes and weathering powder. This Riptide very much reflects that story of experimentation and change. It's not the prettiest of paint jobs but it has had a lot of love go into it and future paint jobs will be better because of it. The Tau Riptide is certainly my favourite model in the range being everything that a center piece giant monster robot should be.

This particular Riptide has seen many battles. Countless power armoured individuals have been melted by his notched Ion cannon. Terminators, tanks, infantry have all fallen to his sharp shooting (well, after the target has been turned into a beacon of light to rival the astronomican by hundreds of markerlight beams). He has seen dark times too. Knocked off the field by turn 1 combined fire, eaten by a giant wolf (jaws of the world wolf is OP!) and rather nastily taken over by chaos forces to turn on an unsuspecting squad of XV9's and blast them off the table! Take a look at a very war weary and battered soldier below:

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