Master of the Recluisiam

First Chaplain Kanatikos is one of Lord Alcaeus's closest advisers. He originally served in the Raven Guard chapter along side Alcaeus and acts as his spiritual advisor as well his martial arm on the battlefield. Whilst the Crimson Minotaurs possess several highly competent captains, the Chapter Master often entrusts key missions to Kanatikos simply because his zeal and dedication makes him an utterly reliable asset for achieving the success Alcaeus is looking for. On the field of war his words convey the imperial truth of the emperor ascendant, enforcing each marines cause in battle. Every marine would follow him into the eye of terror and back if required.

More will be written of his back story and tales of fanaticism! Kanatikos will fit right into the Warhammer 40k universe.

Chaplain Kanatikos of the First Company - Building & Painting

This model has been such a fun project. Although Games Workshop has a few good chaplain design (the fella in Terminator armour comes to mind) I really didn't think any of them would add to my theme particularly well. I also feel the jump pack Chaplain is one of the weaker designs. The original concept for my custom chaplain was an exceedingly dynamic Jump Pack Chaplain to lead my Vanguard Veterans into battle. His back pack is magnetised so as soon as I get hold of the part he will be in Jump Pack mode.

For a recap on all the parts I used please go to this post.

The killer part for this conversion has to be the Forgeworld Night Lords Raptor body section. It is just such an impressive Forgeworld sculpt from Steve Whitehead - rich with detail and beautifully posed with a lot of dynamic energy to it's movement. I felt very guilty hacking off the shoulder points of such a great model! The decorative skulls and the tattered skin actually work perfectly with the Minotaur colour scheme - giving him the grim dark look that I love.

Can you recognise Kanatikos's origins?

Where the Forgeworld body provides movement to the model the Anvil Industry parts clearly lend the character. The Skull Helmet is perfect and the Greek style plume gives the model a lot of attitude. My usual Puppetswar bull shoulder pad then ties the model back into the rest of my army.

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