Add Some Diversity to Your Armies!

These posts are all about finding alternative model making companies to Games Workshop who make stunning sculpts perfect for adding some unique factor to your armies. This week I have a highly topical Leviathan Crusader produced by Dreamforge so lets dive straight in.

Dreamforge Games

This is highly relevant at the moment as this is seen as a direct alternative model to the newly released Warhammer 40k Imperial Knights. I have seen people give this product rave reviews and it does look very high quality. I think I still lean towards the GW models personally but you can't deny this a great value kit (on sale right now).

Leviathan Crusader

Avatars of War

Very excited about the models this company is producing. Their fantasy series has some amazingly detailed regiments and characters available (the dwarves look great!). These Vestals of Nemesis are particularly interesting because they seem to match the quality of dynamic posing of the new Dark Elf Witch Elves but at a vastly cheaper price. Seriously good looking set if you ask me!

Vestals of Nemesis

Hi-Tech Miniatures

Finally my favourite of this articles models - Adeptus Mechanicus style forces from Hi-Tech Miniatures. This range is dripping with character and detail, with particularly nicely built up ruined bases as a bonus. The rest of their ranges follow the Scibor Miniatures school of thought which is to take space marine style figures and blow out the proportions to ridiculous levels which is an acquired taste in my opinion. The Bio-Tech range is great though, I do love the drone style models with clear plasma cannon/lascannon etc copies.

Bio-Tech Covenant

Let me know what you think and if you have any experience with purchasing from these companies. If you have a blog where you have featured any of these then get in contact and I will throw up a link.
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