What This Blog is About

Greetings everyone. This is a brand new blog dedicated to Warhammer 40k (and possibly Warhammer Fantasy Battle in future). I absolutely love this setting with it's grim and hopeless future filled with woe and strife. I enjoy every aspect of this game from writing back-stories into the universe through to modelling, painting and playing the with the miniatures themselves.

My plan for this blog is to firstly follow my growing collection of minis which are currently of the Tau and Space Marine flavour. This may include army shots, unboxings, builds and painting progress as well as any battle reports I end up writing.

Secondly to follow the hobby itself, examine the meta game, comment on the latest news and look into cool ideas for converting and kitbashing new models.

I may also post some of the writing I occasionally dabble with for expanding the fluff in the 40k universe. We'll see how well that goes.

For now here are some shots that should hopefully give you an impression of what I am all about! Tau!

Hammerhead Gunship with Ion Cannon. My preferred Space Marine killing device.
XV8 Crisis Team with Fusion Blasters supported by a Railgun wielding Broadside.
One million fire warriors. (Approx.)

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