Beginning A New Chapter

I have been inspired by the updated Space Marine kits to start a highly themed new army using some excellent conversion parts ordered from Puppetswar. I have been quite impressed with their range of parts that have clearly been designed with GW models in mind.

The selection of different shoulder pads could be used as alternatives for many classic chapters as well as pretty good versions of Horus Heresy legions too. There are also several unique designs that would also be effect for brand new chapters. As a bonus, they are slightly cheaper than the equivalent purchased from Forgeworld.

The [something] Minotaurs

I have been reading the various accounts of the Minotaur chapters backstory from the Forgeworld Imperial Armour books. For those not familiar - they are a chapter covered in Greek themed markings with a brutal reputation for viscous close combat assaults. They are also suspiciously competent and killing other space marines. Hmmm....suspicious.  Their history is intriguing, full of mystery and unseen darkness that fits perfectly into the 40k universe and their iconography coupled with unique models from Forgeworld have completely sold me on the look.

Even so, I am interested in marking out my own direction with complete freedom to fabricate my own characters and history. I'll be using the Minotaurs as a solid starting point and inspiration going forward. This is also where the Puppetswar parts come in. They have several great looking Greek parts I will be using:

Those shields!

I'll be using the helmets for my veterans and the shields will replace storm shields.

For comparison, here are the shoulder pads close up against standard Space Marine equivalents:

The detail on the front is exceptional - beautiful sculpts. However the inner hollow of the pad is a different shape to Space Marines standards. The result of which is that they often sit slightly higher than normal pads. It's not a huge issue and it was easy to solved anyway by cutting off the top section of Marine arms. I'll demonstrate this in another post when I get my first tactical squad together. Overall, I am very pleased and I am pretty sure I'll have a unique looking chapter when I get round to fielding them on the table.

Let me know what you think of these products or your experiences with alternative Space Marine shoulder pads. More blog posts to come of these in action.

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