Ravagers, Reavers & Wyches

My home has been taken over by vast amounts of sprue, half built models and paints on every surface. It's become a bit of a factory process, constructing, spraying and working through painting this huge amount of Dark Eldar. That's not to say I am not enjoying it all. The Dark Eldar boast some of the most beautiful models Games Workshop produce and I have a lot of them!

Currently I am working on 2 squads of 10 Wyches, 6 Reavers, 2 Ravagers & 1 Raider. I have also just sprayed another squad of Kabalites and finished the details to my converted Archon build. Phew!

Before I get stuck into painting my ravagers I have put a lot of effort into preparation. Carefully choosing parts that I won't be glueing before spraying. I am also magnetising the weapons and the sails for maximum flexibility. I'll do a separate post dedicated to their progress since they are a huge bit of work in themselves.

I have kept the crew for my raiders/ravagers apart so that they are easier to paint green. It'll be all too easy to get a big splodge of green on my beautiful white hulls causing headaches to sort out. It really does demonstrate the quantity of crew you have to work through for all these open top vehicles. There is another kabalite squads worth of models here!

I have also been adding the final details to my female Archon conversion. She is a simple kit bash and does not have a huge amount of details (compared with the stock finecast GW sell) but I love the pose and form.

I have used a dark rider cloak from the Dark Elf Warhammer range as well as the legs from the Dark Eldar scourge set. The spear is from a Raider kit.


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