Raider Chassis

The raider plastic set is one of the most elegant Warhammer 40k vehicles Games Workshop make. It combines the delicate style of Eldar Vehicles with an extreme long profile form. The Dark Eldar Ravager takes this a step further - a version bristling with alien weaponry. I knew I had to have a few of these deadly looking skimmers in my force whether they were competitive or not!


The kit contains the two standard Raider sprues and one additional sprue for the Ravager guns and platforms. There is a skimmer base and standard vehicle transfer sheet.

Let's Build Step by Step

Nothing has been touched as of yet. I'll be regularly updating this blog post with photos of my progress, showing all the mistakes I make and providing some tips to you guys that hopefully you will find helpful if you end up building one of these beautiful kits yourself.

Working on engines. The individual engine parts are small and tricky to cut from the sprue. They are surrounded by joints onto the frame work making it difficult to cleanly cut. They look great once done though. A powerful cluster of jets at all angles.

Moving onto the primary hull:

Took a break to work out how to magnetise the guns. After a bit of deliberation I decided the simplest route was to cut the barrels and place the magnets half way up the guns. I wasn't particularly happy about cutting up these beautiful guns but any other method was going to be far too complicated and involve more magnets.

Check back regularly for build updates!

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