Latest Warhammer 40k Releases

This weeks Games Workshop Pre-Orders are up and it's a mixed bag. The positives being a discount strike force for Space Wolves & a lovely looking codex for Grey Knights. The ok news is the new Skyclaw and Long Fang boxes that look like standard space marine boxes with an extra wolf sprue. Fine.

The disappointment would be the distinct lack of new models for the codex update. I know it's happened before with Blood Angels and Sisters getting a digital release of their codex with no new models but that wasn't bringing a new codex - there is still hope that they will get a full release. This looks like a pretty new codex in the new format yet nothing on the models side. If I were a Grey Knights player I would be sobbing/raging.

The last release I want to bring up is an apparent re-box of the Grey Knight Strike Squad coming in at a rather phenomenal £37.5. Wow, pricey.

Now readers will have to fill me in here, I am assuming the old box was a 5 man kit and this is now the same models with double the sprue? If so what was the original cost of the 5 man kit? Does this work out cheaper or more expensive that it used to be?

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