Touching Up the Space Marine Elite

I have been going through some of the earlier models and conversion for my Crimson Minotaur custom chapter that I showcased a few months ago on my blog. Mainly I have been working on the jump pack engines and power weapons - areas I didn't have the stamina to complete at the time and was not entirely sure how I wanted to do them anyway.

Since then I have been working diligently to raise them all to a higher standard including my kit bashed characters that I am particularly fond of. In case you missed them I built them from a variety of different Games Workshop and Forgeworld bits and kits as well as alternative parts from companies like Puppetswar and Anvil Industries.

This post is about showcasing my Vanguard Veterans, Chaplain Kanatikos & Chapter Master Alcaeus. I'll probably take some more individual photos of the characters as I am currently writing their back story for the character series section of my website.

Take a look at these links if you are interested in further photos as well as the parts used to convert these handsome chaps:

Vanguard Squad Showcase & Parts
Chapter Master Alcaeus Conversion & Parts
First Chaplain Kanatikos Showcase
First Chaplain Kanatikos Parts & Build

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