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Release Date & Price

Pre-orders: 17th May
In store: 24th May

Price (via Faeit212):
These are in Australian prices:

Standard edition: $140
Collectors Edition: $360
Physhic Cards: $16
Objective Tokens: $12

Unconfirmed Rumours

From The Overlords Podcast group:

1. 4ed consolidate in to combat is in
2. If you fail to cast a power you can't cast it the rest of the game
3. Every unit including vehicles will now score
4. Unbound armies may not contest objectives
5. Lords of war are in
6. Escalation and stronghold remaine as they are now
7. Vehicles will be harder to kill the chart changes once more.
8. The book will come out in 3 options Art like warhammer visions, Fluff book, and one that only contains rules and that one is about as think as the current SM book.
9.difficult terrain is just -2 inches
10. Wound allocation has changed a bit.not super clear as to how.
11. D-weapons toned down but he was unclear as what that meant so from the sounds of it they will still be super ugly. -

Blood Angels vs Ork Starter Set, from Faeit212:

40k 7th edition and the new starter kit Beachhead Stygia. It is small kit, with only five scouts, five blood angels, a commander with jump pack, five meganobs, 10 armoured ork shootas including a nob with two-handed axe and 10 gretchins. There are some destroyed columns, destroyed gothic stone walls and a three-piece stone bridge carried by gargoyles. It has a 96 page book, but only about the half is used for rules including three scenarios. Expert rules like all vehicle-related stuff are omitted completely. There are a handful of dice, a ruler, but no blast markers.

At the same time, there will be a new starter painting kit with 10 snapfit miniatures that will bring the tactical marines from the starter box to a full squad size and gives the ork player 5 additional boyz. It has a 48 page booklet with additional scenarios and hobby guides, brushes, basing sand and glue.

Sideboards & Percentage Based FoC

There were rumours on Faeit212 about a sideboard feature and % based FoC however these have gone quiet for now.

Psychic Phase Rumours: 

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Troops from the Primary detachment have the 'Objective Secured' Rule from the Skyswarm formation, but is only if you are using a Force Org Chart. Also, if using a FOC then you may reroll your warlord trait (on the same table though.)

Psychic Phase
D6 + Mastery Levels of all of your psykers = warp pool (or whatever its called) and you draw dice from this pool to cast (once used they cant be used again that turn.)
Powers are cast on the amount of successes, so warp charge 2 would require 2 successes, warp charge 4 requires 4 successes.
A success is a D6 roll of a 4+
There may be a limit of how many dice you can throw at a spell (Mastery Level +1 etc)
Double 6 or Double 1 is still a perils (unsure if you can get two perils per casting)

via a different anonymous source on Faeit 212
Apparently casting powers goes something like this.
I get d6 + 1 per mastery level in my army. So a farseer and Eldrad would generate a total of d6+7 for the whole army.

Then I cast a power. I get to use a maximum of my mastery level + 1 die to cast. So Eldrad can use up to 5 dice per power.

For it to be successful, you need a roll of a 4+ for every mastery level in the power. Fortune is mastery 2, so to cast you would need two 4+ rolls.

This would make powers harder to cast on average. I don't know how psychic defence works but I presume it's only against powers that target your own models, unlike fantasy. Would be rather hard to get anything through otherwise.

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