Marvellous Miniatures to Intimidate Your Foes

I discovered Mierce Miniatures whilst perusing through twitter and was bowled over by some of the images on their feed. Navigating to their site I was happy to find a plethora of other fantastic looking creatures and characters that could make the proud center piece for any army. They do seem particularly suited to demon alternatives in Warhammer Fantasy Battle or 40k but there are many other models that could fit in a variety of different armies and roles. 

Their website was a little clunky to navigate through and doesn't really do the armies and models justice but it is worth the extra time to investigate their range. I am quite interested in learning more about the rules they have created for their system and at the very least getting hold of a few models to supplement my Warhammer force I am planning.

They are also currently running a kickstarter campaign that seems to be doing quite well so go take a look.

Here is a pick of some of my favourites: 

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