Crimson Slaughter Minotaur Tank Colour Scheme 

I have recently observed (as have several other people) that my colour scheme is unerringly close to that of Games Workshops official new face of chaos: the Crimson Slaughter. Now, this is rather unfortunate. I thought up the name and colour scheme last year before I had even encountered this splinter chaos warband so it was not my intention to create such similarities. Nevertheless, here we are with my latest creation that now has a decidedly chaos feel to it. Still it is a great colour scheme.

I am really please with how this paint job turned out. I wrote a little tutorial explaining how you can create a simple mask for a vehicle to form a clean colour split. I really recommend trying it out as it is so simple, can be done with standard spray cans and leads to some quite dramatic effects. Give it a try!

Anyway, here is the first of my two Razorbacks just about complete:

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