Space Marine Command Squad Conversion

I am slowly completing my command squad (most of them are stuck together with blue tac right now) and I am just waiting for some more Puppetswar parts to finish them off.

I want this squad to feel like it's made from individual characters so I am treating each one on their own and making sure they all have a unique twist to them whether it's through the way they are posed or the parts I am using. I am using vanguard legs on all of them in order to make a fast moving, attacking looking squad. They look so much better than the normal static marine legs. Take a look at my earlier Company Champion as well for another example.

The banner bearer is my favourite so far, very happy with the pose and the greek helmet from Puppetswar looks great. I have a few Games Workshop and Forgeworld heads to be used as well. I have used the Forgeworld Minotaur Etched Brass sheet for the icons which also look fantastic. It's an expensive sheet but really does deliver some punch to your chapter. I am going to have some issues with stability, I'll need to weight down the base to keep him reliably upright.

This is how he is looking so far:

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