Simple Starting Point With Magnetising Miniatures

Just a quick update on my converted Crimson Minotaur Chaplain. The assault jump pack I ordered finally arrived and originally I did mainly see this character as a jump unit. He did turn out to look great with a normal pack too so I am happy with the way it's worked out. The Jump Pack is just under coated right now, I have not even started painting it yet.

 I have a feeling I will using magnets a lot with my Warhammer 40k units going forward. Games Workshop are always so generous with their weapon and wargear choices....

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I thought that I would show you how I magnetised it. I am new to using magnets so my starting experiences maybe useful to other people looking into it. I ordered the smallest magnets I could find which are 2mm Diameter with 1mm depth. They are surprisingly strong. They also fit well into the hollowed out part of a space marine backpack with little need for adjustments. Very very fiddly to get in! (I usually use metal tweezers for fiddly things, I started to use them here and can you guess what happened? Duh me.)

As you can see the model can be picked up from the assault pack without it coming apart.

Although grabbing it too aggressively will separate them. I think the power of this magnet is fine for the normal backpack but if I do this again I think I will use a larger diameter so that the assault pack is more secure. It isn't going to be randomly falling off in the middle of the battle though, it's pretty good as is.

I'm going to try magnetising my Vanguard Veteran squad when I get some larger magnets and more backpacks. Once I have done that and painted up the Chaplain I'll do a new set of photos altogether showing the results.
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