Jump packs: An Iconic Warhammer 40k Unit

I know Jump pack Assault Marines are not especially popular in 6th edition right now. With the difficulties in close combat and the abundance of weapons that ignore power armour they are quite a vulnerable choice to take. However they just look great. The backpack with it's bulbous shape and easily recognisable silhouette makes them an iconic unit that everyone can identify. My decision to go with Raven Guard chapter tactics will alleviate some of the pains but it will definitely be for fluffy reasons that I field this unit rather than competitive requirements.

Painting them was a simple job and quite satisfying. The Puppetswar shoulder pads as ever looking great and making them stand out as a unique chapter. I think I will be placing my converted chaplain at the head of them when he isn't with my Vanguard so that they get to re-roll their hits on first turn of combat. Should give the charge a bit more punch especially with re-rollable hammer of wrath from Raven Guard chapter tactics.

My Chaplain is coming along. If you have been following me on Twitter you will have seen a few progress photos as I go. Full blog post to come on that.

For now here are the completed assault marines for my slowly growing Crimson Minotaur Chapter!

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