Games Workshop Alternatives

I am a big fan of Games Workshop models, in my view they consistently output the highest quality sets in the industry (say what you will about their prices). They don't always get it right and not everything fits to peoples tastes, sometimes you just need something a bit different to their standard models. It's also useful to find interesting extra parts or even entire models that could fit into armies adding a unique look and feel that no one else has. Here are a few stand outs that I have found over the last few days. I have not purchased items from all these companies as of yet so I unfortunately cannot vouch for the quality of their service yet. This is purely based upon viewing the images they provide online.

Svarog Minatures

Sci-fi Woman with Flag

Great sisters of battle proxies here, or just a guardsmen standard bearer. Is there a hint of chaos in the backpack? Strong posing and great details. Some of the other models are potential inquisitor proxies.

Gamezone Miniatures

Elven Spearmen Regiment

Not a sci-fi choice but I have been looking at a lot of Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies recently and these are great models that could fit right into to any Elven army. I particularly like the command group.


Thunder Crow Fighter

Another choice from Puppetswar. This is a really nice Space Marine Storm Talon alternative. I have seen someone use this to represent a Heresy era 30k Storm Talon which worked very effectively. All you need is a space marine pilot and it's good to go.

I'll look to feature more products as I find them and do some more in depth posts if I end up purchasing any models in particular.

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