Farsight Enclaves Army

I have recently taken on a Tau Commission for a deadly farsight bomb consisting of Farsight, Shadowsun, a Commander and 9 battlesuits. I have received a very detailed creative brief that aligns very nicely with my love of weathered giant robots. Whilst we went through a large amount of imagery one that stuck out was that of 'Gypsy Danger', I giant robot from the film Pacific Rim. 

This concept art below captures a lot of what we want to achieve with the project:

We are going for a dark grey with a hint of blue, weathering with rust, smears and paint chops in moderation and a large focal point glow like the Gypsy Danger reactor core. There is also a large focus on unique, dynamic posing for every battlesuit and every weapon magnetised. 

Check out the early progress photos below:

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