Kit Bashing 30k and 40k Marines

My new painting project has arrived and boy am I excited. I have decided to start this force composition off with a strong body of tactical marines grabbing the value for money Betrayal at Calth box and Start Collecting box, a pile of characters and some transports to put them in.

I plan on kit bashing the different marks of power armour together, along with my bits box to make them all fit into 40k. As I am doing the infamous Minotaurs from the Badab war they are always picture as having lots of MK4 armour so they should all fit together nicely. Plus I LOVE MK4. Who wouldn't want power armour with clean lines, bad ass helmets and enough bobbles to make them look like a dalek!

Space marine librarian in terminator armour on sprue in box

Betrayal at Calth Tactical Space Marine unboxing

Assembly has already begun. I am getting stuck into the tactical squads in order to get them out of the way for more fun. I can't wait to get started on the Cataphractii terminators!

I like this chappy, lots of character:

Of course it would not be Minotaurs without some delicious Forgeworld parts. I have purchased a set of resin shoulders and two lots of etched brass. Unfortunately it looks like they no longer do the amazing transfer sheet which I was highly disappointed to find out.

First Minotaur Paint Tests

Here are my first test marines. My focus for this painting project is to really tighten up their colour scheme. Mostly focus on deep, weathered bronze and black and leave the red for special cloaks and plumes. With red being more rare, it will really stand out when used.

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