One Battered Warrior

Here is my first Kabalite Warrior. As I outlined in my earlier post I am painting my Dark Eldar army in a Craftworld Biel Tan colour scheme, albeit a bit grittier and a bit darker.

Take a look at my first test miniature below. I have ignored a few details for the sake of getting the majority blocked out so I can make a judgement on the overall look.

I am actually pretty satisfied already. I think the only real change I want to make is toning down the chipped effect on the green areas.

Choosing Bases

The main issue I am having right now is trying to decide how to base them. I have done two quick rough bases below using different scenery styles. One is a grey rock/rubble style and the other is more of a desert type of surface.

Once I have picked the right palette I'll probably be using some dead grass flock to add a bit more character and detail to the surface.

Which One?

I keeping flipping between the two bases and have not made a decision yet. Let me know which you prefer or if you have an example of something entirely different that could work, thanks!

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