2nd Company Tactical Squad

I have at last finished off my other Rhino/Razorback. It's been sitting around for a while mostly painted with base coats, a wash but without any highlights or details. My models often get stuck at that stage for a while. I still find edge highlighting takes a lot of effort (even more so when you have atrocious tennis elbow!).

Now that it's out the way with I took some new pictures of it and the tactical squad it will likely be carrying. The squad is a particular favourite of mine. Not only are most of the marines kit bashed from various Games Workshop boxes but I have included some MKIV maximus Forgeworld armour in there to for as much variation as possible. Power armour for these marines is a very personal affair, whilst they all keep to the uniform colour scheme of the chapter the actual MK of the armour varies a huge amount. Mixing different sets so that no two marines are the same. Rumours are the Crimson Minotaurs have a far larger than normal armoury of relic weapons and armour from the heresy era....

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